At Nest Egg Fertility, we understand every client has a unique story of infertility. Whether it’s a story that started that afternoon or a decade ago, it’s a story that person wants to see finish with a happy ending . . . and so do we.  

We firmly believe that infertility programs work best when designed specifically for each client and that personalized support makes all the difference. As either patients, industry veterans, or even surrogates, every member of our staff has deep ties to both the industry and the process and is committed to making the experience of becoming a parent through assisted reproduction as stress free as possible. We believe strongly in ethics, fair pricing, and efficiency.

As experts in our field, we are frequently consulted by world media outlets and our work has been featured by both international and national news organizations such as CNN, HLN, The Los Angeles Times, and Sunday Night Australia. Through our unique concierge services we provide personalized support, access to priority appointments, exclusive pre-negotiated packages, and pharmacy discounts. We are the first US based agency ever to negotiate lower pharmaceutical fees on behalf of our clients and we are proud to offer an exclusive pharmacy discount card.

We take great pride when we hear that there is something genuine and special about Nest Egg. We believe the work we do is significant and we sincerely care for the people who trust us to guide them with their future family planning. We want our clients to feel a human-to-human interaction and feel supported throughout their fertility planning, and the confidence to know that they are being guided by a company with over 20 years of personal and professional experience. In short, we are extremely proud of the way we run our business and the families we are helping to create. 


“I wanted to combine my passion for science with my love of family and my compassion for people.

Nest Egg Fertility is the result of that dream.”

Shalene Petricek

With seventeen years in the biotech industry, our founder, Shalene Petricek is not only an industry veteran, but a client, having preserved her own fertility through cryopreservation before most people even knew what that was. The recipient of several awards of excellence in her previous career, Shalene started Nest Egg Fertility with the intention of creating the experience she wishes she had had. Shalene has always had a passion for science and helping others. She is driven by her desire to make a difference and change the way we approach women’s healthcare. Today, she’s a leading expert in the field of infertility, frequently consulted by world media outlets such as HLN, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, and Sunday Night Australia. When not busy helping create families, Shalene loves cooking, traveling, and finding the human connection with people across the globe.

“I interviewed so many agencies but I just knew Nest Egg Fertility was going to hold my hand through the whole process. Thank you so much! You guys ROCK!”

— Chitra

“Holy moly! The RX discount was steep! OMG! You saved me so much money!”


“The internet can be so overwhelming with so much information. After finding your agency, I felt a sense of relief that I had found the right place to guide me toward my journey to motherhood. Thank you so much for your amazing support and for being such a champion for women!”

— Sandra

“I came to your egg freezing event a year ago and had so much anxiety that after surviving cancer and only having one ovary. I had serious doubts that I could be a candidate for egg freezing. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance throughout that year. You waited for me to be ready emotionally, never pushing and always listening. I am so grateful that you guided me to the best doctor and now I have 18 frozen eggs from one ovary! You ROCK!”


“After many failed IVF cycles and multiple miscarriages, we were beginning to feel that our dreams of becoming parents were no longer a reality. We are so grateful to your agency for the new hope you have given us through your guarantee program and the wonderful clinic you have partnered with in the Ukraine.”

–John and Emma

“After going to many surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the US, we found the costs to be so prohibitive for us to start a family. We are so grateful that Nest Egg Fertility had a program that was half of the cost of the US prices without compromising in quality of care!”

— Paul and Jane